All-in-one Security Management

Security As Service

Turn key And Total Solutions

Value for money solutions

We count our success with number of satisfied customers, so we try to introduce products with highest level of functionality with highly competitive prices to the market. We believe in security and thus we want it affordable for everybody

Human resource cost cutting by software automation

(Reduction on Human resource cost by software automation)

We tried to automate most of the human resource consuming tasks through software and thus most of the work will be done through the software. All the paper works, report generation, data analysis and decision makings are done my machine and huge cuts of human resource budgets will be the result

All-in-one solutions

Instead of having many tools doing single tasks we develop single tools that do many tasks. Most of our products are number of different products merged in one product.

Support for different security frameworks & models

Our products support almost all the security standard and frameworks exist in the market, we developed a dynamic framework in which you can add even new standards that get popular in the market

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Faraconesh is a leading security company committed to protecting businesses, critical infrastructure and Enterprises from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error. Our vision is to make the cyber space as safe as possible where people and business can do their business, participate social activities and do their researches with the beautiful sense of tranquility.

20 years

of experience

More than 30000

customers world wide

3 continent

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10 top universities

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Enterprise Security Planning

an ERP for security management
a tailor-made solution for your enterprise security management needs C2M2, CIS 7.0, ISMS, PCI-DSS